How we make it happen

Using cash donations from our friends and businesses, we buy the stockings, candy, and toys for the children. All this takes up literally an entire 7-passenger SUV filled to the brim with the rear seats removed! A few days before Christmas Eve, a whole crew of us meets up to stuff the stockings and wrap presents. Our Amigos at El Torito Pub on Revolucion give us a private room to spread out and get everything wrapped and stuffed.  We even have special backpacks for the older sisters who are often the ones who bring out their younger siblings to see Gringo Claus.

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On Christmas Eve around 4pm, the Amigos meet up and put on our elf caps. We load up the “sleigh” with all the stockings and gifts and we head over to Zona Norte. Our arrival is always a surprise to the children as we just stop on a street in Zona Norte, open the sleigh, and Gringo Claus will shout out,

“Ho ho ho!! Where are all my good boys and girls? Gringo Claus is here!”

Within minutes, the children begin to arrive and we hand out the stockings and presents and then move on to the next street and repeat the process until we hand out all the offerings.